Meet Brianna

A little bit on how I came to know Dr. Ryan and the start of my journey with chiropractic care.

In October of 2014, my boyfriend came down with an autoimmune disease which infected his lungs. For 9 months we were in and out of the hospital every week. With countless MRIs, brain scans, CT scans, and blood testing. However, doctors could not figure out the root of the problem. His health began to deteriorate. At the age of 30 my boyfriend could not get out of bed on most days because of the pain, he could not work and was put on disability leave. We finally decided move forward with an invasive surgery where they made a 3-inch incision on his left side and took out a piece of his lung. There was still no answer as to the cause and treatment of his disease. In July of 2015, we were referred by my boyfriend’s brother to Dr. Ryan and Maximized Living. In the year of treatment we have received under Dr. Ryan, my boyfriend was able to get back to work and does not require 3/4 of his high dosage medications. Treatment consisted of adjustments, nutrition plans, and exercise routines. Shortly after beginning my boyfriend’s care, Dr. Ryan and I decided to get my x-rays taken and for the first time in 4 years. We both were able to find the root of my migraine problem. Shortly after my daughter was born I began experiencing complex migraines. Once a week I would get a migraine with body numbness that would also cause blurry vision and inability to speak. I began to “become accustomed” to these migraines and learned to live with them. Since addressing and treating the cause of my problem, I have been medication and migraine free for 8 months now. Because of the amazing health benefits my boyfriend and I saw with getting adjusted, there was no doubt in my mind when I brought my daughter in to see Dr. Ryan. My daughter had come down with ear infections in both ears just a few months ago. He was able to adjust her as well as flush out her ears and let her body self-heal.

From my boyfriend's autoimmune disease, my migraines, and my daughter's ear infections, I have witnessed the power of chiropractic care. This is also a huge reason as to why I am so proud to be a part of Dr. Ryan’s team.

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