Meet Jennifer


Meet Jennifer

My chiropractic journey started while working for a Max Living office in Fort Collins, Colorado. Learning the principle of chiropractic was mind-blowing to me and changed my view on health. I'm honestly saddened that we aren't taught this early on in life. I'm now so grateful to be part of EWC, helping others learn the meaning to TRUE health! As the Patient Coordinator, I'm able to interact closely with patients on their rehab exercises, therapies and their progress to optimal health. I also get to be involved in our events, social media, and presenting nutrition talks with Dr. Ryan. 

After living in Colorado for 7 years, I moved home to the beach to be near my family. I'm enjoying being back by loved ones, hiking new trails and exploring different areas in Southern California. I especially love to camp and never turn down a chance to go wine tasting. Food and nutrition are also a huge passion of mine. I love to cook and try new foods, in the most nutritious way of course! 

Another main part of my life is my work as a certified health coach. I love working with people on their health goals by focusing on food sensitivities and gut health. Since experiencing chronic back pain and digestive issues for 4 years, I discovered that it all went back to gut function. I'm now blessed to help others who are trying to find the foods that work best for their body. We are all unique and I truly enjoy helping people find foods they enjoy, and that also makes them feel their best!

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