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At his Roseville-Fleetridge, California-based practice, Dr. Ryan Hummel has treated lots of San Diego residents who suffered from scoliosis. Regarded by both patients and peers as one of the San Diego area’s leading chiropractors, Dr. Hummel is both honored and pleased to serve the city.

Scoliosis Q & A

What Exactly Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which the spine has an abnormal bend to the right or left. The bend is usually in the chest area of the spine, although it can occur anywhere along the spine. When the bend is in the chest area, the condition is called thoracic scoliosis. If the bend is in the lower back, the medical term for the condition is lumbar scoliosis.

What Is Scoliosis Caused By?

Scoliosis can be caused by several different things. Illnesses, injuries, back surgery, osteoporosis and genetics can all cause the medical condition. In some cases, the cause of a patient's scoliosis isn’t identifiable.

What Treatments Are Available for Scoliosis?

While the most severe cases of scoliosis require back surgery, the vast majority of cases can be treated without surgery. Many patients don’t even require treatment but just need to have their condition monitored, while other patients may only need monitoring and assistance with managing the pain that the condition causes.

When monitoring and pain management are all that are needed, chiropractors are able to provide non-invasive procedures that can help alleviate any pain. Depending on a patient’s scoliosis and pain, a chiropractor may recommend a chiropractic adjustment, specific exercises or certain lifestyle changes.

Who Should Go to a Chiropractor for Scoliosis Treatment?

Anyone who suffers from scoliosis, regardless of the severity of their condition or their age, should consider seeing a chiropractor for natural and non-invasive treatment. Chiropractors are experts on spinal manipulations and the other treatments they offer, and they’re able to assess how much their treatments may help a specific patient. In many cases, their treatments are able to provide pain relief. Should a patient’s scoliosis require treatment other than what a chiropractor can offer, they’ll let the patient know and recommend a different doctor.

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